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Catch a Cheater: iPhone Recovery Tool Software

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By: Allie


Do you wonder if your spouse is cheating or has been unfaithful in the past?


With the ever-increasing availability and popularity of smartphones and social apps, infidelity is rampant and only becoming easier to hide.

So if you have ANY doubts that your spouse is not necessarily telling you the whole truth, you need the iPhone Recovery Stick.*

Because if you suspect your partner might be cheating, you are probably right. The telltale sign of a cheating spouse is the fact that you are having to ask that question in the first place.

So don’t wait any longer. The truth is still the truth whether you find out today… or in 10, 20, 30 years. Catch my drift?

Introducing Your Own Personal Private Investigator: iPhone Recovery Stick

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Retrieve Deleted Texts, Call Logs, Pictures, & More!*

What It Does:

Considered a Forensics Recovery Tool, the iPhone Recovery Stick is a small USB drive that is able to pull text messages, photos, web history, call logs, and more. You can use this software on an iPhone or iPad (up to iOS 7). Most users will get 3-12 months of recovered data.


There are a lot of copycat software programs but this is the only forensics tool that does a thorough examination. It will retrieve a collection of the most important information an iPhone (or iPad) holds.

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*DISCLAIMER: You should only install software on devices you own. We do not encourage or suggest anyone use this product on any device, which they do not own.

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Peppard: Adultery eradicated by the show Cheaters?

By: Alan Peppard
11:20 am on June 26, 2013

Clark Gable III Cheaters HostWith the certitude of a North Korean dictator, Dallasite Bobby Goldstein, creator of the hidden-camera show Cheaters, declares infidelity eradicated.

“Most adultery and infidelity have stopped in the Metroplex,” he says. “Nobody has cheated in Highland Park in four years, now.”

Well…slow down. He is joking.

The end of adultery would mean the end of Bobby Goldstein’s status as a 1 percenter. The former Dallas attorney has made a tidy bundle with his syndicated gotcha show that spies on husbands and wives engaged in extra-marital intrigue.

Fair warning: Season 14 is in production in Dallas right now.

“Most all of the footage is shot here,” says Goldstein.

With a Barnum-like gift for promotion, Goldstein brought in a new host last year named Clark Gable III, grandson of the Gone With the Wind star.

And the young Gable is returning for Season 14.

“Clark is still our starting quarterback,” says Goldstein. “He’s the Roger Staubach of our team.”

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Image: The Dallas Morning News

We All Agree: Cheating Is the Worst Thing Anyone Can Do

grass is greener- 6-3-13Author: Allie
June 3, 2013

According to a recent Gallup poll, cheating on your spouse is considered the most morally wrong thing a person can do. 91 percent of Americans agree that it is always morally wrong to have an affair. This is quite the change from 40 years ago, when similar studies reflected that only approximately half of Americans thought having an affair was always wrong.

Cheating is considered more morally wrong than human cloning, suicide, and polygamy. Even with a growing acceptance of divorce, pre-marital sex, and having children out of wedlock demonstrated by this same poll, Americans are shifting towards a contemporary attitude of being less accepting of adultery driven by a changed marriage ideal. Nowadays, there are so many individuals who care about who is allowed to get married and what constitutes a marriage. This marriage equality issue has become the defining civil rights cause of our era.

Political scientist John Sides notes in a recent detailed analysis of Americans’ changing attitudes towards adultery, “Americans, and especially better educated Americans, have become less accepting of adultery with the passage of time.” Society is far more accepting of ending an unhappy marriage than adultery.

The same Gallup poll also found a rising acceptance of many other non-traditional, consensual sexual relationships. It seems that the new ethical consensus is that you can do whatever you like as long as you’re not hurting anyone and you’re being open and honest.

Cheating has become our most despised sin. Dishonesty is a vice that all societies and religions can agree is immoral.

When we take marriage vows (I speak from a Christian standpoint), we pledge a lifetime of faithfulness to our partners, for better, for worse. Infidelity has always been taboo but the fact that it is viewed even more immoral today than in the past, shows you how our society’s view of marriage is being completely redefined. People are waiting longer and longer to get married; waiting until they have sowed all of their proverbial oats and are more established in life to start a union- a lifetime partnership with someone. Although, if you believe this will inoculate you from infidelity, evidence suggests you might be a little on the naïve side.

If you want to keep your marriage safe from infidelity, my best advice is that you must consistently and continuously make the effort to spend quality time with your spouse. If you don’t enjoy spending time with your spouse or don’t share many common interests, I strongly suggest you find something fun for you both to do together because at the end of the day, if you two don’t enjoy spending time together and aren’t willing to put in the effort to spend time together, what are you two doing together?

Like Big Sean raps in Justin Bieber’s song, the grass is greener where you water it. Make sure you water your own grass, people! It’s important!


Where Do Cheating Spouses Dine With Their Lovers?

cheaters dining with lovers mistresses cheating partnersBy: Allie


Where do cheaters go when they want to eat a meal with their mistresses?

According to a new survey conducted by the adulterous dating website, the number one place secret lovers go is Morton’s Steakhouse.

The dating website, for married people looking to cheat, surveyed 42,890 of its members in major American cities and found that their adultery committing members normally take their secret lovers to popular chain restaurants that are at least 20 miles away from their home.

According to Ashley Madison founder and CEO Noel Biderman chain restaurants are the most popular for cheating spouses because they are less conspicuous.

“Chain restaurants are larger and less conspicuous,” he stated in a press release. “Steak houses are always a popular affair destination since they’re not only dimly lit but also commonly found in business districts, close to hotels where the these type of dates typically end.”

Top 10 Restaurants in America Where Cheaters Take Their Secret Lovers:

10. Fleming’s
9. Red Lobster
8. Outback Steakhouse
7. Chili’s
6. Del Frisco’s
5. The Cheesecake Factory
4. P.F. Chang’s
3. Houston’s
2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House
1. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Have you ever found a receipt in your man’s or woman’s pockets from one of these places and you weren’t one of the parties involved? This might be a red flag!


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