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Top 5 Security Cameras on the Market

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

On the hunt for the perfect security camera? Search no further. We’ve got you covered.

Top 5 cameras at a glance: 

#1 Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

Highlights: two-way audio, customizable motion detection, works with Alexa

Our Take: Not only will this camera stream footage directly to your phone, but with it’s two-way audio technology, you can talk to whoever’s at your doorstep, no matter where you are. This Alexa-compatible item will send push notifications directly to your phone whenever motion is detected. If you’d rather get a constant stream of activity, that’s possible too: With a quick change in the settings, you’ll get hours of recorded footage. This is great if you’re out of the house often, but want to know who’s coming to your door, and why!

You can see it here

Heimvision Wireless Security Camera System

Highlights: motion detection, smartphone notifications, 24/7 surveillance

Our take: This camera, which is conveniently sold in packs of four, is great if you’re trying to get evidence that someone’s been coming in when you’re not around, and slipping out the backdoor before you get home. With automatic email alerts and even a screen-shot function, you’ll never miss a beat. Even if you’re just trying to deter burglars and reinforce the safety of your home, this wireless, easy to use camera system will be great for you, and your loved one(s).

Check it out here

Portable Wireless Hidden Video Camera

Highlights: small, easy to move around, sends push notifications when motion is detected

Our take: This product is a must-have if you’re trying to ensure the safety of your home, especially if you don’t want the intruder to know they’re being filmed. With it’s tiny, portable composition, you can put this camera anywhere in your house (or in your room), and it will send notifications directly to your phone whenever it detects motion. It’s perfect for catching a cheater in the act! Even if that’s not your goal, however, having this camera is still a good measure of home security.

Find it here

Eufy Security Doorbell Camera

Highlights: 1080p image quality, sophisticated face-scanning technology, two-way talk

Our take: What really distinguishes this doorbell cam from its competitors, is it’s one-of-a-kind algorithm that ensures you’ll only get the notifications you need (i.e. you’ll get notified when there’s a human at a door, not a stray cat). Whereas other motion-detecting cameras may pick up the garbage truck going by, you can be sure that this one will only alert you when a person comes to the door. With it’s two-way audio technology, you can interact with whoever has come to your house, whether that’s to confirm a delivery, or tell your friend you’ve run out to the grocery store.

Take a look at it here.

And we saved the best for last: 

The Argus Pro Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Highlights: Night vision, two-way talk, siren alerts, optional solar panel charger

Our take: You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between this outdoor camera and the others listed above?” Well I’m here to tell you that this best-selling camera is not only unique in its durability and resistance to the elements, but also in it’s starlight vision, which allows you to capture crystal-clear videos all through the night. Plus, if you get the solar panel charger, you can keep the battery continually charged for extra energy cost. 

See it here

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