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Best Bluetooth Speaker Hidden cameras - Spy Collection

Having a new type of everyday device into a room setting in order to obtain convert video and audio surveillance is an outgoing challenge. So, the Bluetooth speaker hidden camera system certainly fulfils the criteria because it is an unobtrusive item that can fit easily in a modern room setting, with the bonus that it will function properly as you would expect a standard Bluetooth speaker should. It is absolutely a perfect spy camera for office, house, and all outdoor and indoor environments.

The Bluetooth speaker hidden camera is very super easy to set up or use, using the free Smartphone app available from the Apple or Google Play Store. You simply need to enter the password of the WIFI network, and the Bluetooth speaker hidden camera is going to go. The design of the Bluetooth speaker hidden camera is fairly generic, so it physically will not grab any real attention. The operation of the device is totally discrete in that once setup, there are no flashing lights, sounds, or other alerts that would give rise to suspicion in any way that the speaker is anything other than what it appears to be. And the speaker capability is certainly not sub-standard for the size of the unit, so it can be used as a speaker during periods when it is not being used for video capture, thereby completing the disguise.

Furthermore, The apps allow you to remotely control all aspects of the camera including; time and date setting, change resolution, select recording mode, and enable/disable push notifications to your Smartphone. For peace of mind, the camera’s SSID is automatically hidden to other people searching for WIFI-connected devices and will not be able to connect detect the camera. Some Bluetooth hidden camera gives you the option of twin speaker connection. Like, if you have two rooms you wish to remotely monitor, consider purchasing a second Bluetooth speaker camera and pairs both units together to create multi-room music or surround sound in the same room but the pairing distance is approx 10 meters.

Several brands are offering many kinds of Bluetooth speaker hidden camera, some of which are following below:

This is a great hidden digital camera; the appearance is like a speaker that no one will pay attention to it.

This spy hidden camera speaker comes with an audio and video HD 1080p wireless hidden spy camera with remote viewing. The spycam setting up your device is easy; you can monitor your home, office, or shop at any time on your phone no matter where you are as long as your phone is connected to WIFI or 3G/4G LTE.

By using this Bluetooth speaker hidden camera, you can set the sensitivity of this spy camera sensor to adapt to different light changes and the size of the object’s movement, and the motion detection effectively filters out false alarms.

Furthermore, this hidden spy camera speaker automatically records and overwrites the oldest files when it is full for continuous recording. This hidden secret camera lens can be rotated 150 and has a 240 ultra-wide-angle lens to capture a larger area during recording so that you won’t miss any details.


  • HD quality 1920*1080 P

  • Has a video frame of 30 fps

  • Max 128 GB memory

  • Has hidden camera

  • Easy to use

  • Supports VLC media player, KM player and some other soft ware’s like this

  • Has the option of sync and sharing

  • Water-resistant


  • The camera can’t record at night during the darkness

  • No WIFI connectivity

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Even thought of boosting your home or office security without making it so obvious? One of the most convert options for you is installing a hidden camera, Bluetooth speaker!

Equipped with this hidden camera music player, you can keep an eye on the nanny, kids, or possible burglars. They allow you to record whatever is happening without drawing suspicion while doubling up as an entertainment hub.

It comes with a package that includes:

  1. 1 x spy camera

  2. 1 x USB charging cable

  3. 1 x instruction manual

It’s not only a wireless hidden security camera but also a Bluetooth music player with a clock display. It remotely views the live video, snapshot, playback and you can download videos from SD card through the app, motion detection alarm, and record, looping record.

Your cell phone will get a push notification once a motion is activated, at the same time the spy camera will take a photo. If you set an alarm record, the Bluetooth speaker hidden spy camera will take short videos to a micro SD card.


  • HD quality 1920*1080 P

  • Has motion detection quality

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Great music sound quality

  • Hidden SSID, people can’t find the camera on WIFI networks

  • Ideal for use in almost all indoor room environments for general security and gathering video evidence


  • No WIFI connectivity

  • Only supports a 2.4 G WIFI network, not support 5G WIFI

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This is a great hidden digital camera with black piano paint and multifunctional use.

It generally enhanced the security of your home while it is also a Bluetooth speaker or MP3 player. It can operate on all cell phone batteries or plugged into a USB port and records video HD 1080p and audio. It can be set up to record any motion detection to send out phone notifications and email alerts.

The picture quality from the video recording is pretty clear. When it’s set the loop recording, it gets an all-day recording with high resolution in full HD 1080p and all the recording can be accessed via your phone LIVE.


  • Has motion detection and alarm notification feature

  • Easy to use

  • Great music sound quality

  • Inbuilt WIFI module


  • Cant record video in darkness

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