Light Bulb Secret Camcorder

Updated: Sep 26

If you’ve been having difficulty catching a cheater in the act, this may be the product you’ve been waiting for. With a 360 degree visibility lens, nothing will slip out of sight.

Check it out HERE

Key Benefits:

  • Motion detecting and push alerts- sends you an alert and starts recording as soon as there’s action in front of it. You won’t miss a thing

  • No set up or power adapters needed- simply insert it into a standard bulb holder. Very easy to set up.

  • Full, 360 degree camera lens, so you don’t miss anything. Let’s hope your partner doesn’t have anything to hide, cause if they did, well good luck!

Things to be aware of:

  • This product can both record and stream to your phone. You pick!

If you feel like your partner has been keeping you in the dark on something, take this opportunity to shed a little light on the subject!

Buy it HERE

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