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4 Best Smoke Detector Spy Camera for 2021

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A good surveillance camera is a valuable tool if you want to protect your home and your loved ones. But like most surveillance cameras, there is an apparent problem: they're easy to find. If anyone sees it and it doesn't dissuade them, you're not going to collect any footage. Also, they can only evade the camera entirely.

Using a well-hidden camera is another option. For beginners, there are various cams for nannies available that can be hidden in stuffed animals. You will keep an eye on the babysitters in this way and look out for intruders. And with today's technology, in just about any device, a safety camera can be hidden. So, we have reviewed the top 4 Smoke Detector Spy Cameras that are available on Amazon. Read the complete blog and you will know about the features of each camera

1. Dummy Smoke Detector 32Gb Included wi-fi Motion Detection Hidden Surveillance Camera NuCam SD

This hidden camera dummy smoke detector is 2.4Ghz wi-fi enabled, so you can monitor the camera remotely, stream video in real-time almost anywhere, or save videos and photos to the included 32Gb memory card.

  • Inside built-in "No Glow" night vision LEDs to see up to 30 feet in complete darkness at night time and has a hidden 125-degree angle bottom viewing hidden camera lens with daylight HD color film, record with date/time mark, no one would suspect that this regular non-functional fire alarm detector secretly hides a secret IP nanny camera with an embedded DVR.

  • You can mount this home security camera DIY without cords and wiring hassles, just with a simple setup of the YIEYE app on your mobile device. You may choose to mount it in your garage, front yard, baby room, or any other location with wi-fi using the screws or tapes included.

  • When the motion detector is powered, the built-in advanced PIR motion sensor operates. Security camera photo frame will give your smartphone a warning and record a short 10-60 seconds clip you have selected to the included SD card, then remotely replay or download your phone album captured footage.

  • NuCam SD records 1280x720p for crystal HD footage, ideal for anyone who wants to see your house, family, or pets in every important detail!

  • NuCam SD comes with a rechargeable 6000mAh battery built-in for a standby period of up to 180 days.


  • It includes a warranty of 1 year.

  • It can record sound as well by turning on the microphone in volume settings.


  • It does not connect to wi-fi if the wi-fi name has any unique character.

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2. View Smoke Camera Motion Detection Hidden Cameras

Overview and Features

  • The 1080P HD record helps you see and track clearly what happened while you were out of the office. You would not miss any important shots.

  • Switch on motion detection, and the hidden camera will start capturing movements to the micro SD card within the camera range.

  • It's a mini hidden camera, a camera without wi-fi and night vision feature, so you don't need to download any APP, and you can't see live video from your mobile phone. It just looks the same as an ordinary smoke detector in shape (with no real smoke detector function).

  • When the micro SD card gets full, it will automatically erase the old video and begin recording.

  • Within 30 days, Viiwuu Smoke Detector Camera provides an Unsatisfactory refund and replaces Fresh with One Year guarantee. There is a 24-hour email support service.


  • It supports SD card storage up to 32 GB.

  • It detects motion up to 5m distance.

  • It comes with a one year warranty.


  • There is no wi-fi function.

  • It does not record well in low lighting.

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3. SecureGuard 36 hrs Battery Powered Smoke Detector wi-fi Spy Camera

Overview and Features

  • Rechargeable 36 Hour Battery. Fully Wireless!

  • HD Recording at 1080p. 1920x1080 HD Camera for the best quality shot.

  • Wi-fi Broadcast Hidden. It cannot be found after setup on wi-fi Network Scan.

  • 16GB SD Card for video and remote playback storage.

  • Records video to the camera inside the SD card and can record video to your phone as well.

  • Speedy Internet viewing and playback setup

  • The powerful app makes it easy for you to control multiple cameras completely.

  • To cope with global competition, it is available at very affordable prices and sponsored in the US. Live US tech support to have the best customer service.

  • You can put this camera anywhere, in the home, office, warehouse, retail, etc.

  • Receive Smartphone Updates, Live Footage, Mobile Device Recording Settings.


  • It includes a mounting base for easy mount on the ceiling.

  • Long-lasting battery.

  • High-quality video recording.


  • It does not record audio.

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4. SPY GADGETS | 4K Hidden Camera Spy Camera Home Surveillance Nanny Cam DVR Bottom View Smoke Detector

Overview and Features

  • The secret smoke detector for indoor surveillance now gives you (2880 x 2160) 4K high resolution, 128GB video storage space, and a 140 degree super wide-angle lens.

  • A 90-day standby life battery will provide you with 16 hours of continuous recording, but only when motion is sensed will the body heat sensing PIR motion sensor activate and use battery power.

  • When waiting for movement, the Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection sensor brings the DVR and camera into a hibernation mode to save the battery life.

  • The DVR and camera will start up once motion is detected and begin recording within a few seconds. When movement is no longer observed, the device comes back to hibernation mode.

  • Video Out for TV and programming based on menus. Your 4K Hidden Camera is a completely programmable, very customizable surveillance DVR device hidden behind the regular, everyday disguise that rivals those found in high-end installations around the world.

  • Compatible with your Mac and PC. The system saves your files as an AVI. Remove the camera's memory card to review the captured video and use your Mac or PC to view the video.


  • 4K high resolution.

  • It works with passive infrared motion detection.

  • It is highly efficient and saves battery by auto hibernation.


  • It does not have wi-fi.

  • It does not record sound.

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