Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Updated: Sep 26

If you think your partner may be bringing someone else into your bedroom when you’re not home, here’s a great way to find out. Using the Minicam free app, you stream directly from this easy to use, wireless hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector. Just set it up in the bedroom, and you’ll have the truth in no time.

Take a look HERE for more information.

Key Benefits of this product:

  • Spy on your partner in the bedroom without them knowing

  • Get video footage streamed directly to your phone

  • Makes no sounds and the camera is virtually invisible

  • Battery powered and wireless, so it can be set up quickly

Things to be aware of:

Since the Wifi Nanny Cam is made wire-free to ensure an easy set up, batteries will need to be replaced after three hours, if the cheater has not already been caught in that time.

If you’re ready to catch a cheater in the act, this product is a must-have. You deserve to know the truth!

Available now at Amazon HERE.

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