Recording Device Disguised As a Pen

Updated: Sep 26

Trying to figure out if your partner or love interest is talking to someone else? This voice-activated secret recorder is perfect for figuring out what’s going on behind your back. And, it’s sleek design makes it a classy and beautiful gift- They’ll never suspect a thing!

Check it out HERE.

Key Benefits:

● Voice-activated, which prolongs battery life (and means you won’t have to sift through hours of recording)

● 16 hour battery life, so you won’t have to recharge often

● Sleek, classy, professional-looking design, great for a partner that you suspect is flirting with someone at work

Things to be aware of:

● This product has a one year warranty, and comes with a lifetime of tech support, in case you encounter any problems.

I’m not telling you to slip it into your partner’s briefcase or bag. But if it did make its way to their desk, you might find a lot of evidence to add your file.

You can purchase it HERE.

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