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Best 4 Recording Devices Disguised As a Pen

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Disguised as a working pen, these voice recorder pens are the system no one would notice for audio surveillance. Slip it in your pocket, put it on a desk, or place it for secret recording in a pen-holder. They also make for excellent meeting recording devices or student voice recorders.

Among the most flexible recording instruments are recording pens. Disguised as nothing more than an essential everyday device, you can easily take pen recorders with you everywhere you go without suspecting anyone that they are anything more than a writing utensil. Recording pens can be kept for home protection in a briefcase, slipped in a pocket, or left at home.

1. TOOBOM Mini Voice Recorder

Professional and straightforward recording device: The device offers 192kbps professional PCM recording, efficient DSP noise reduction technology, sonic cancellation, and filtering for various environments. It is an ideal device for lectures and interview meetings. Gently press down to quickly record/save. The process is fast!

Strong enabled voice: independent VOR dynamic sound capture sound control technology, grabs the sound component, avoiding blank fragments and unwanted noise, significantly improving recording quality!

16GB and multifunctional: 16GB storage enables you to hold more than 190 hours of stored files and 5,000 songs. The pen design is comfortable to wear on your coat or book. It's a versatile device that everybody wants, and it's undoubtedly a fantastic gift to offer.

100% file protection and consistent audio output: Regular USB 2.0 secure file transfer, the recording file will be automatically saved until low power is detected. Two-channel audio output support, plug your headphones in and listen to clear audio at the touch of a button.

Upscale and reliable: The entire recorder looks very stylish and exclusive with the use of a metal highlight process. It makes it super physical with precision materials and stress resistance tests, so you don't have to worry about dropping or other damage.


  • Compatible with various operating systems.

  • High-quality voice recording.

  • Simple and stylish design.


  • Warranty is not available.

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2. ATYIME Portable 16GB Voice Mini Recorder

For direct recording, plus the efficient DSP noise reduction technology, sonic cancellation, and filtering for different environments, 1536Kbps voice resolution (far better than 192kbps) can give you ultra-clear recording.

You can clearly record up to a range of 10 meters under regular decibels. The process is straightforward and makes the pen ideal for recording lessons, seminars, meetings, interviews, and music affairs. Just press down to record/save easily.

The 16GB card allows you to store recorded files and 5,000 songs for more than 190 hours. 16 GB is enough for most recording purposes, but you can purchase another card if you need some more significant card space to replace this free-gift removable 16 GB card.

To put on your coat or book, the pen clip is convenient for you. Also, the feature of the ballpoint pen and 6 FREE-GIFT pen refills allow you to take notes while recording and take them for long-term use everywhere.

Standard USB 2.0 stable file transfer, The recording file will be automatically saved until low power is detected. Two-channel audio output support, plug your headphones in and listen to clear audio at the touch of a button.


  • It is made of high-quality materials.

  • It has excellent battery life and sound quality.


  • The refills of this pen are not available easily.

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3. KerLiTar Pen Digital Voice Recorder

Grab this professional device with easy voice recording. It provides professional PCM recording of 192kbps, which is perfect for recording meetings, lectures, and secret conversations. All you have to do is just gently press the button to record or save quickly.

It is a voice-activated device that only records the voice part and ignores blank or noisy fragments. The efficiency of recording is highly enhanced.

It has a storage of 8 GB that allows you to store more than 100 hours of files and up to 3000 songs. The pen's clip is conveniently designed, and you can simply wear it on your coat or book. It also functions as a pen, and you can write with it. This practical gadget is a need of everyone.

The file transfer from pen to the laptop is beneficial with the help of standard 2.0 USB. The recording file will be automatically saved once it detects the low power. You can hear the recording from the pen and plug in the headphones to support two-channel audio output.

It has an Independent VOR sound dynamic that captures sound control technology, and it only records the sound part.


  • The structure is made up of high-quality material.

  • Its battery life is long-lasting.

  • It has a convenient portable size and design.


  • It does not include the refill ink.

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4. Asano Digital Voice Recorder

With professional DSP noise reduction and one-button recording and saving design, 192Kbps high-quality recording enables you to enjoy a crystal clear voice, lets you easily capture crucial details in lectures and meetings.

16 GB of storage No extra memory cards are needed, enough room for 12 hours of recording. With a playback voice recorder, you can conveniently plug in the supplied earphones to hear what you have captured. When the battery is low, the recording is automatically saved.

Switch on the VOR feature, capture only the detected tone, ignore the silent automatically, no voice, no record, decrease blank, save your listening time, and memory space effectively.

You can easily take notes with a simple operation by merely recording and saving with One-Click, particularly in lectures and conferences that require a lot of attention.

The compact nature of this device makes this recorder perfect for your pocket, briefcase, bag, or anywhere. Not only is it a high-quality voice recorder, but it is also an Mp3 player.


  • Easy transfer of files from the device to the laptop.

  • You can enjoy music along with recording voice.


  • It will not record the voice, which is below 70db.

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