Is Patrick Reed a Cheater?

Well, it certainly seems (based on allegations) that he has a history of cheating in the sport and possibly stealing. Some juicy details about Patrick’s time at the University of Georgia came to light with the publication of Shane Ryan’s, “Slaying the Tiger.

Following the release, Patrick went on the Golf Channel and called Ryan a liar. So is Patrick a cheater, or just a little rough around the edges?

Like anyone, Patrick seems to have some things in his past that he’s not proud of – uttering a gay slur at the WGC-HSBC Champions in China, for one. But in recent days it seems he’s got a PR team helping him with his presence. Turn to his Instagram feed and you’ll find post upon post about his interests and investments in education and “giving back” through the Team Reed Foundation.

Maybe Patrick Reed isn’t all bad, but keep an eye on for updates!

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