Hidden Camera Photo Frame

Updated: Sep 26

Suspicious that your partner might be inviting unwanted guests when you’re not around? Find out now with this hidden camera disguised as a picture frame. Just pop in a picture from your favorite romantic vacation, and place it somewhere they’ll walk in front of a lot. And who knows! Maybe that will be enough to remind them of what’s really important.

Check it out HERE.

Key Benefits:

● It’s a real picture from, and it’s design makes the camera lens virtually undetectable

● Easy to use, no software set up necessary (and it comes with an SD card, which you’ll need to transfer the footage to your computer)

● Long battery life (4 hours if constantly recording, 2-3 days if on standby)

Things to be aware of:

● If you want audio recording as well, you’ll need to look into some of our other suggested devices for that (see the voice-activated pen recorder)

This product is great for catching cheaters in the act. Get the footage and show it to them- maybe then they’ll get the picture!

Click HERE to purchase, or get more information.

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