Hidden Camera Disguised As a Phone Charger

Updated: Sep 26

Trying to catch a cheater without getting caught? Here’s another must-have product: it looks like a normal phone charger, but it’s actually got a tiny camera hidden on the front, just above the USB port. And the best part? It actually charges your phone!

See more information HERE.

Key Benefits:

  • You can keep it plugged in next to the bed, and since it actually charges phones, no one will suspect that they are being recorded

  • Battery free: No recharging necessary

  • No wifi connection necessary

Things to be aware of:

  • Since this camera works without wifi, you’ll need to get a micro SD card. Luckily they’re sold in packages on Amazon

This camera, disguised as a charger, will have a cheater caught in no time. Your peace of mind? Free of charge.

Buy it HERE.

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