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Best Hidden Camera Disguised As a Phone Charger

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

When people know they're being watched, they act differently. Put an obvious camera in the center of your home. You'll probably never catch anyone stealing from you, being negligent with a babysitter, or having issues with the nanny. We bring to you an excellent hidden camera product which is disguised as a charger.

By placing it inside an utterly functioning USB wall charger, USB-charger spy cams address the problem of disguising the camera.

Without thinking about getting caught, you'll be able to perform subtle surveillance. These cameras can be useful for keeping an eye on parents, home cleaners, nannies, robbers, or even making sure your children don't get into trouble at all. Read the features of top reviewed products from Amazon and choose for yourself.

1. Alpha Tech Spy Camera Charger

In a stylish and compact design that can show you stuff, Mini Spy Camera gives you everything you care about home security. Just plug it into an outlet, record video in loop or motion detection mode to the SD card. When using the power bank, you can also record continuous recordings 24/7.

Fast Plug and Play Full HD Camera with 1080P. Simply insert your SD card and attach it to an outlet. For any scanner, the USB Spy Camera is undetectable.

Catch cheaters, scams, and robbers. Keep an eye on staff, clients, nannies, babysitters, and caregivers at home, college, offices, hotels, etc.

With better images, 120 ° wide-angle vision will capture more important details for your needs than other cameras. It supports 128GB SD cards (not included); more than five days can be registered.

Without additional software, watch videos from your hidden security camera on any computer. If it has an SD card slot, watch videos on your computer.


  • Easy to use

  • It supports universal compatibility.

  • You will get an additional micro SD card reader and a charging cable.


  • It does not have a live view feature and wi-fi.

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2. Spy camera USB Phone charger by WEMLB

If you want to make sure you're in control of what's going on under your roof, you want to add the measure to protect your family, or need a smart nanny cam; the ideal solution is this hidden camera charger

This USB spy camera features a high-quality 1080P HD picture with a mirror, offering real-time footage of what's going on in your house. The ultra-wide viewing angle of 140 ° offers an optimum range and increased visibility, preventing dead angles.

This mini wireless spy camera features the latest technology for motion detection that, when triggered, sends an alert directly to your smartphone.

This nanny cam comes with a free app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet that is easy to install, allowing you to watch live streaming whenever you need to. Your camera will be ready and completely set up within minutes with secure wi-fi connectivity and a simple plug & play interface!


  • It is multipurpose and versatile.

  • It provides crystal clear images and video shots.

  • Easy pairing with mobile phones and laptops.


  • There is no option of scheduling recording time.

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3. Luohe Spy Camera Wireless Hidden wi-fi Charger

In this spy camera charger, the wi-fi supports remote streaming of real-time 1080P Full HD video with a viewing angle on your phone wherever you are, with a discreet surveillance camera with built-in Mini wi-fi hidden camera lens and dual USB slots.

A comprehensive illustrated manual comes with a Simple Plug and Play 1080P Full HD Hidden spy camera charger. After linking, the camera signal auto hides and has no sound and light outside while recording.

A 128GB SD Card requires a secret nanny cam that keeps videos for up to 15 days. The secret wi-fi camera auto records 10 minutes of video clip and overwrites the oldest files for continuous recording when the SD card is complete. Surge Multi-Protection saves corruption on SD cards.

When motion is detected, the USB charger hidden camera adapter will grab a 2-minute video clip and push a message on your phone.

Staff, customers, babysitters, nannies or caregivers at home, work, offices or hotels, etc., keep an eye on the multiple-viewed spy cam allows multiple devices to share your camera and view multiple cameras on a single account.


  • Easy to use a camera with a quick plug and play

  • This product has one year warranty.

  • It supports up to 128 GB SD cards.


  • It does not include a micro SD card.

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4. Yoda Spy Camera Charger

This small hidden camera can be used as a USB wall charger adapter with a hidden camera with CMOS image processing technology to achieve HD 1080p resolution and a 110-degree wide-angle lens.

It is fitted with a charging cable that is 3-in-1. You can watch this nanny Cam from anywhere in the world. No one knows this is a camera.

Attach your spy camera wall charger to your home wi-fi router and access remote viewing or recording via the APP or you can use it as a no wi-fi spycam; insert a micro SD card, plug it into an outlet, and with loop recording, the hidden camera will start recording 24/7 hours.

When motion detection is enabled, disturbing alerts will be transferred to your smartphone (can set frequency & sensitivity); SD cards up to 128G Micro SD are supported by the camera.

To watch a live video feed, plug the camera into your iOS/Android computer. Multiple cameras can be linked to the APP.

Download the free streaming app (HDlivecam) by Yodaba to your iPhone or Android device, and you're ready to use the camera.


  • It can be used with or without wi-fi.

  • Simple and easy to use with affordable cost.


  • It does not include a micro SD card.

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