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Family finds hidden camera livestreaming from their Airbnb in Ireland. Products for prevention.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

News today from CNN: After arriving at their Airbnb in Cork, Ireland, a family from New Zealand made an unsettling discovery: a hidden camera, livestreaming from the living room.

Can you imagine anything more unsettling? And how can you prevent hidden camera activity while in your own vacation rental? We have a few products for that:

Check out our fill list of bug detection gear here.

Here are a few of our top product recommendations to prevent spying activity from vacation rental hosts!

Detect wireless and wired cameras. BugHunter dVideo is a hidden camera hunter. Every camera has a lens. BugHunter dVideo allows you to scan rooms for camera lenses. Hidden cameras can be anywhere. Everyday objects can be turned into hidden cameras recording your every move. When a lens is detected, you’ll see it as a light spot through the built-in lens of BugHunter dVideo.

BugHunter Professional CR-01 is a credit card sized bug detector with a rechargeable battery and an easy to use interface. With a wide frequency range of 10 to 3500 MHz and an unprecedented dynamic range of 70 dB, it is designed to detect digital or analog audio and video recording devices as well as cell phone jammers, Wi-Fi, and active cell phones.

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Tiajuanna Bradshaw
Tiajuanna Bradshaw
Oct 31, 2020

I can't 👀


Scott Witcher
Scott Witcher
Dec 09, 2019

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STD Carriers
STD Carriers
Sep 28, 2019


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