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5 Productivity Hacks to Cheat the System

We think it’s a universal opinion today that having more hours in a day would be really helpful, right? But, if we’re honest, maybe it’s not about having more hours, but instead having better hours. Join us in incorporating some of these Productivity Hacks, and see just how much time you gain back in 2019!

1. Turn Off Notifications.

Phones are our constant companions these days, and as much as we love our little friends … they can also create constant distractions for us. Think through which of your notifications creates the most distraction, and turn it off. Or, if you’re feeling really brave, why not spend a portion of each day in Do Not Disturb mode?

2. Don’t Check Email.

… well, at least not for a little while. Instead of checking your email first thing in the morning (and creating extra stress right off the bat), consider waiting until you’ve been awake for an hour, until you’re at work, or some other easy-to-track step in your morning routine.

3. Listen to Instrumental Music.

As much as we love music, an easy productivity hack is to listen only to instrumental work while you’re working. Lyrics, and more complex tunes have been shown to distract your brain and create a less productive work session, but thankfully Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora all have excellent instrumental playlists to help you out.

4. Stop Multitasking.

It’s a long-held myth that multitasking is the pinnacle of any successful work session. But, maybe that’s a myth. In recent years, the belief has started to shift, and it’s not “uni-tasking” that is believed to provide the best quality of work. Give this productivity hack a try … work on one thing at a time and watch your extra minutes add up.

5. Schedule Breaks.

Working endlessly is frustrating and can leave you feeling defeated, especially when your “Done List” doesn’t appear any longer than your “To Do List.” Here’s a hack: schedule your breaks ahead of time. This way, you know that you get a break “soon,” and can give your task all you’ve got until then. Try the 45 / 15 schedule to improve productivity: work for 45 minutes, undistracted and focused, and then take a 15 minute break to clear your mind.

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