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Terms & COnditions

All cases submitted to Cheaters Detective Agency will be forwarded to licensed private investigators who will contact you to discuss your case and provide a fee estimate.

Please do not assume your case will be worked for free. Only a small percentage of cases are selected for use in the Cheaters television program. If your case is chosen, you will be contacted by Cheaters lead investigator Danny Gomez, and assuming the investigation yields results, you will be given instructions on how you can participate in our production. If your case is selected, your case fees may be waived or refunded in exchange for your cooperation with our production requirements. You may decline our offer to have your case featured in the show.

Whether appearing in the show or not, your case information becomes the property of Cheaters, and it shall remain in the limited access and control of the Cheaters production company and the Cheaters Detective Agency network of investigators, and held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In no event shall Cheaters, its owners, affiliates, licensees, agents or representatives be responsible for any third-party interception of communications sent by us and intended for you. It is your obligation to secure your emails from third-party view. For further detail on your rights and obligations, please see our Terms of Use.

Click here if you ACCEPT these terms and conditions, have reviewed and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and consent to receive all communications and notifications through the email address you will provide in your Case Submission Form.


For more information, please email our administrative staff at

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