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Catch a Cheater from Anywhere

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Find out if you have a cheater on your hands with these discrete surveillance items that can track activity from virtually anywhere. Check out more products in the cheaters spy shop.

Hidden Spy Camera Pen

Why We Love It:

  • Simply put: It’s discreet

  • Easily switch between photography or videography mode

  • 1080P HD resolution so you can see the scene clearly

Price: $139.00

Wristwatch Camera

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish design for any occasion

  • Covertly start and stop high definition recording at any time

  • Quick file transfer via USB cable

  • Includes a time and date stamp to keep track of your timeline

Price: $159.99

Personal GPS Tracker

Why We Love It:

  • Real-time location updates as often as every 3 seconds

  • Up to 24 days of continuous tracking on a single charge

  • Can be magnetically attached to a vehicle for discreet placement

  • Activity report shows speed, stops, addresses, time, and distance driven

Price: Varies based on monthly data plan

Phone Recovery Stick

Why We Love It:

  • Recovery options for Android and iPhone

  • Recovers deleted text messages, call logs, app data, recently deleted photos, and much more.

  • Investigate all user data such as internet activity, apps, messages, photos, and videos.

Price: $119.99

Or, if you think you’re being spied on, why not try ….

Economy Bug Detector

Why We Love It:

  • Detects hidden video cameras dead or alive

  • Detects wired or wireless hidden video cameras

  • Battery powered; use at home or on the go!

Price: $99.00

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