What Would Make You Leave Your Spouse?


In a global survey, domestic abuse is the number one reason why a person would leave their spouse in 10 out of 15 countries. In the other 5 countries, infidelity is the number one reason why they would leave their marriage.

Globally, it seems that men and women are more forgiving of their partner’s personal problems, not a single country had job loss or substantial weight gain as the main reason to end the relationship. The top two results, domestic abuse and infidelity, are the major causes of divorce internationally.

Domestic abuse was the top reason for leaving a spouse in:

  • France 67%
  • Australia 57%
  • Canada 57%
  • Netherlands 55%
  • United States 54%
  • Russia 49%
  • U.K. 49%
  • Brazil 48%
  • Malaysia 48%
  • Germany 39%

Infidelity was the top reason for leaving a spouse in:

  • Mexico 64%
  • China 57%
  • Philippines 50%
  • South Africa 49%
  • India 39%

However, infidelity is men’s number one reason to leave in 12 of 15 countries. The highest numbers are in Mexico (71%), China (70%), and the (U.K. 70%).

What would force you to leave your spouse? Does domestic abuse or infidelity rank higher on the list for you?


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