What Should I Do About My Buddy Hitting on My Ex Girlfriend?

Dear Allie,

My girl and I just got out of a two and a half year relationship. One of my buddies hits on her all the time and she denies him all the time. I trust her but then I read something and now think that something may have happened between the two of them. What should I do? He is there at the apartment for two days. He sleeps on the floor and now that I am not in the picture, I think that she may start a relationship or something has already happened. Should I get a tape recorder or spy camera to see if there was anything going on when I was with her?


Unfortunately, it sounds like your “buddy” isn’t much of a friend to you if he is always hitting on your ex. I don’t think you should get a tape recorder or spy camera because at the end of the day, you two are broken up. I know it’s hard seeing your ex move on but it’s part of the healing process and it’s going to take time for it not to hurt. If you were to have a chat with anyone, I would recommend having a talk with your “friend” and explain to him that it is very uncomfortable for you when he hits on your ex, not to mention, just plain mean and hurtful.


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