What Do I Do About My Fiance’s Female Friend Constantly Calling At Inappropriate Times?

Dear Allie,

I have a problem with one of my fiance’s friends whom happens to be married to another friend of his. Her name is “Barbie” and she almost always calls us up at 6 AM or later to pick her up from a bar. One of the 2 big issues I have with this woman is that she constantly acts like a drunk whore when she is out in the bars. She constantly preys on other men and gets them to buy her drinks. Plus, she starts drama. Her BS is ruining my relationship because I can’t deal with her constantly calling MY fiance to pick her up. I can’t fathom why she can’t ask her husband or family to pick her up.


Wow, you have more patience than I think I’ve ever had in my life! You need to lay down the law. It is completely inappropriate for your fiance’s female friend to be calling him (and/or you) to pick her up from bars at all hours of the night. Let your fiance know that this needs to stop immediately. Tell her to call a cab if she needs a ride!


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