Vampire Diaries Taylor Kinney Caught Cheating on Ex With Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is currently dating The Vampire Diaries Taylor Kinney. But according to In Touch, when the two first hooked up, Kinney was still in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Brittany Sackett.

Until he accidentally pocket-dialed Sackett during an illicit date with Lady Gaga.

Sackett says, “I could hear her telling him he was so ‘sexy and creative,’” adding that she would replace those adjectives with “dishonest and disloyal.”

“In my opinion, he’s fame hungry,” Brittany says as a warning to Lady Gaga.

Well, he wouldn’t be the first guy to have dated Gaga for her fame. The star’s ex-boyfriend Luc Carl always seemed to be in love with Gaga’s fame.

Better watch out, Gaga. Do you really want a man that is willing to cheat on his girlfriend for you? If he’s willing betray one girl, he is certainly capable of doing it to you too!


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