TV Show ‘Cheaters’ Opens Up Online Store

Author: Daniel Novick CW 33 News
Date: 11-11-2011


The TV show ‘Cheaters’ is in its 12th season, and now the company has branched out to help you if you think your significant other is being unfaithful.

In order to catch people being deceitful, ‘Cheaters’ must use spy gear like GPS trackers and hidden cameras.  Now, ‘Cheaters’ is selling all of their equipment and more on

“This particular unit actually has a camera on the front right there and the buttons turn it on and off,” said Allen Walton with, as he showed us what looks like a clicker for your car, but is actually a camera.
The website has cameras hidden in clocks and motion detectors and even cell phone chargers.

Just as popular are the GPS trackers and loggers.

“It’s a GPS logger,” said Walton as he showed CW 33 News the device about the size of a small cell phone.  “Which means that you stick this on a vehicle, and you let it drive around, and get it back, plug it into a computer; it will see everywhere it went.”

The website also has counter-surveillance and self defense tools; software that can monitor’s someone’s computer or track down deleted text messages and pictures on a smartphone.  There are also hidden safes, audio surveillance tools and bug detectors.

For ‘Cheater’s’ chief detective Daniel Gomez, the spy technology is necessary for his job.

“We live in a society right now where seeing is believing, and if you have a feeling somebody is cheating on you, you want to see it before you start spending money on an attorney, get a divorce, move out of the house,” said Gomez.

Now you can be just like Gomez.

“It helps us to help clients that want to do it on their own.  They don’t want to be on TV, they want to do it on their own, that’s fine, we don’t mind helping them, and it gets them the truth that they need,” said Gomez.

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