Top Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating


Are you suspicious that your partner is having an affair? Are things just not adding up? If you find yourself having the “gut” feeling that something is wrong in your relationship, keep reading to find out what the top signs of infidelity are and if any of these signs hold true for you. Keep in mind that your partner could be exhibiting all of these signs and not be having an affair (it is possible that there are other explanations for these behaviors listed below). Also, your partner could be exhibiting none of these signs and be having an affair.

1. Your partner has become emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed. Most cheaters will exhibit this behavior. Your partner will usually become disinterested in his/her regular life. Their attitude will start to shift. They become less interested in showing affection for you.

2. The unfaithful partner has become angry, critical and even cruel at times. If your partner is being unfaithful, they will often become verbally and emotionally abusive. They may constantly be putting you down and have zero patience with you. Does your partner often complain about the most trivial things? Do you feel that you can’t make your partner happy no matter what you do? Do you feel that you can’t do anything right? These are tell-tale signs that your partner is cheating.

3. Your partner accuses you of being very “controlling.” Often those who are guilty, complain that their partner is being too overbearing and controlling. Does your partner complain about you “watching” them even though you’re asking very little of what they are doing? Not giving them enough space? Smothering them? If there are “control” issues in your relationship, your relationship may be at risk.

4. Increase in working hours, after work meetings or events, business trips and working out of town more often. Is your partner starting to spend more time at work and less time with you without an explanation?

5. Paying extra attention to their appearance. Has your partner started paying much closer attention to their physical appearance? Are they buying new clothes? Losing weight? Working out more? Primping more? This sign is indicative that they are trying to impress a new person in their life.

6. They are less interested in sex. If your partner has no interest in your sex life, this can mean they are getting it somewhere else.

Remember, your “gut” instinct is usually correct!


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  1. Scott says:


    I have been married to my wife for 4 years. We have a 3 year old girl together. We married at the court house because I thought at the time I accidentally got her pregnant and I love her so I wanted to do the right thing. Later I learned she intentionally got pregnant with me but lied to me about it. She confessed this after I admitted almost cheating on her when we first started dating. We both forgave each other and moved on with our relationship.

    With my job which takes me over seas to Iraq and Afghanistan 5 months out of every year, it’s tough to come home and pick things up where they left off. After my second deployment I began to notice her affection and time for me began to decline. I at first felt that our problems were my fault from the war and being away for so long. At times I would have issues with my anger after our fights and she would push the right bottons that would set me off on a escapade. Since I have made the corrections and improvements and she has complimented me on these good changes I’ve made. But our relationship and affection has not improved since.
    Now we hardly have sex, maybe once a month at times except if a birthday or holliday falls on that month. Most of the time I try and show affection to her but she complains that I am smothering her and only want one thing (sex). I have tried to talk to her about this issue we have and she always states that it is her fault and she doesn’t feel attractive any more. I try to be spontaneous and try different methods of approaching her with my affection, but most of the time I get ignored or a cold shoulder. At night in bed she reads her book with me right there waiting for her to acknowledge me but she usually just rolls over on her side and falls asleep. Lately she has exited the house to talk to someone, or I notice her on her phone outside when she gets home. I ask her why she is outside by herself on the phone and she gives me her answer with the defensive attitude like I’m nagging at her.
    She is now trying to lose weight and runs marathons. One of which she started early in the morning and her phone was off and showed up late later that day driven home by her work friend drunk and puking. She just went into our bed and passed out! She still has a bruise on her knee from when she states she fell at the bar and hit it on the floor. Vividly remembers every moment of the fall which sounded made up since she harldy remembers any other detail of the day. She has been starting new friendships which I have supported of course. I don’t want her to feel like I am holding her back from her friends, but for FYI it is a new thing that she is trying to reach out to friends on her own.
    I don’t know, I guess I watched your show and looked up online what the signs were for a cheating spouse and my “gut” is telling me to get help. I feel uncomfortable just writing about this now, but I don’t know where else to turn.
    She has complete control over our finances because of my job which makes it difficult to stay on top of when I am over in the stone age countries of the middle east, plus that’s her job and she is good at it. So therefore it is difficult to hire a private investigator which would show up on our finances. I hope this is just her and I going through our phases in marriage, which isn’t ever easy-so I’m told.


  2. Brenda Turner says:

    Interesting article


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