Top Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating


Are you suspicious that your partner is having an affair? Are things just not adding up? If you find yourself having the “gut” feeling that something is wrong in your relationship, keep reading to find out what the top signs of infidelity are and if any of these signs hold true for you. Keep in mind that your partner could be exhibiting all of these signs and not be having an affair (it is possible that there are other explanations for these behaviors listed below). Also, your partner could be exhibiting none of these signs and be having an affair.

1. Your partner has become emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed. Most cheaters will exhibit this behavior. Your partner will usually become disinterested in his/her regular life. Their attitude will start to shift. They become less interested in showing affection for you.

2. The unfaithful partner has become angry, critical and even cruel at times. If your partner is being unfaithful, they will often become verbally and emotionally abusive. They may constantly be putting you down and have zero patience with you. Does your partner often complain about the most trivial things? Do you feel that you can’t make your partner happy no matter what you do? Do you feel that you can’t do anything right? These are tell-tale signs that your partner is cheating.

3. Your partner accuses you of being very “controlling.” Often those who are guilty, complain that their partner is being too overbearing and controlling. Does your partner complain about you “watching” them even though you’re asking very little of what they are doing? Not giving them enough space? Smothering them? If there are “control” issues in your relationship, your relationship may be at risk.

4. Increase in working hours, after work meetings or events, business trips and working out of town more often. Is your partner starting to spend more time at work and less time with you without an explanation?

5. Paying extra attention to their appearance. Has your partner started paying much closer attention to their physical appearance? Are they buying new clothes? Losing weight? Working out more? Primping more? This sign is indicative that they are trying to impress a new person in their life.

6. They are less interested in sex. If your partner has no interest in your sex life, this can mean they are getting it somewhere else.

Remember, your “gut” instinct is usually correct!


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