Top Signs of a Workplace Affair

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We spend almost 1/3 of our lives at work, almost as much as time as we spend sleeping in our lifetime.  The workplace is where we spend the majority of our time in our lifetime, which is why the workplace is one of the top places for people to find their affair partners and cheat.  If your spouse or partner starts talking about a coworker a little too frequently, mentions talking with a colleague for advice about your own marriage / relationship, or starts spending lots of extra time at work without a real legitimate reason, keep reading for the top signs of a workplace affair.

Sign 1: Talks About a Coworker Frequently- Maybe Even Obsessively:

Your spouse or partner starts talking about a coworker frequently.  They will probably have really great things to say about this new person.  If you say anything that might be considered “negative” about this new person, they get very defensive and possibly angry that you have said such a thing about this newfound obsession.  This new person in their life is causing a “spark of interest” from your spouse or partner that doesn’t exist in your relationship. 

Sign 2: Gets “Advice” From Coworker About Your Marriage / Relationship Frequently:

If your partner mentions that they frequently speak to a coworker for advice about your relationship (& they could potentially be attracted to), take note.  It is never a good thing to speak more intimately about your marriage or relationship with someone outside of the marriage or relationship than you do with your spouse or partner.  If you start noticing that your partner is acting distant and is talking to a coworker more than they speak to you, try to find out more information about this coworker by asking your spouse or partner questions about their relationship with this newfound interest.  Pay attention to what your spouse tells you about this other person and also, make sure to take note of what they make sure to not tell you.  For example, you might ask them “How often do you and this coworker speak about our marriage?” and your partner responds with something along the lines of “I speak to them all the time because we work together.”  Notice that they didn’t answer the actual question but they did give you an answer that seems like they answered you… but not really.

Sign 3: Spending More Hours at Work:

On the flip side, your spouse might have a new “friend” at work that they only reveal limited or no information about to you.  In this case, your partner might be spending a lot more time away at work or taking more frequent “work trips”, etc.  To note, I am only speaking about those individuals whose jobs start at a certain time and end at a certain time (because I do understand that there are jobs where additional hours are required).  If your partner’s job requires no additional hours but they are spending a lot of extra time at work and the paycheck does not reflect these extra hours, it is time to start conducting your own investigationExercise your right to be informed.

Notice These Signs in Your Own Marriage or Relationship?

Pay close attention if you start to notice any of these signs from your partner.  Again, the workplace is where we spend 30% of our lives and more often than not, affairs are not something that happen overnight.  An affair usually starts with conversation(s) that turn into increasing feelings of attraction that finally bubble over and thus the affair occurs.  Once the affair happens, it might continue to happen over and over again before you ever find out the truth.  Your partner might become distant and uninterested in you and your marriage / relationship.  If this sounds like your situation, TAKE NOTE- Cheaters are liars and liars are going to lie.   

Exercise your right to be informed.  CONDUCT YOUR OWN INVESTIGATION (and abide by all state, federal, or country laws that apply to you where you live).

XO, Allie

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