Top 10 Signs She May Be Cheating On You

Author: Draisner,
Date: 07-20-2009

Cheaters, the reality show which has exposed so many cheaters over the years, is celebrating their 10th anniversary season.

To celebrate with them, we’ve asked the Cheaters’ host Joey Greco, to kick some knowledge our way with his Top 10 Signs She May Be Cheating On You.

While there may not be a definitive sign other than being told, ‘I’ll be busy tonight, I’ve got a date’, these signs, while perhaps contradictory, are more indicative when viewed in combination with other behaviors.

Top 10 Signs She May Be Cheating On You

  • Change in work habits/hours
  • Absence of quality time
  • Protective over technological devices (phone, Blackberry, computer)
  • Decrease/Increase in sex drive (and changes in ‘technique’)
  • Accusations of infidelity, picking fights
  • Increased attention to appearance/wardrobe
  • Mood swings
  • Partner becomes very critical of you/others
  • Disinterest in discussing the future
  • Giving an excessive amount of gifts

And before you even think about being tempted by another, check out these videos:

Be sure to catch more explosive confrontations during the September 26th premiere of”Cheaters” 10th anniversary season.

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