Tiger Woods and His Lady Friends

So by now everyone knows that Tiger Woods cheated on his beautiful Swedish model wife Elin Nordegren with a lot of women, so many that I’ve lost count. I think the grand total of Tiger’s mistresses is around 11, give or take a few according to Radar Online.

I mean we are talking porn stars, strippers, lingerie models, cocktail waitresses, and even a marketing executive.

Tiger Woods was a busy man… And probably still is.

The world’s number one golfer caught in the midst of multiple cheating scandals. What’s true and what’s not is beyond me; I really have no idea. But I do know that Tiger cheated on his beautiful wife and kids to quench his sex drive. It must be really horrifying to go through that in the media as his wife and family.

Tiger’s had to pay for it though. His divorce payout to Elin was $110 million dollars, as reported by Radar Online. That’s a lot of money but then again, Tiger’s net worth is around $500 million. But still, $110 million is a lot of money to lose and on top of that, he’s lost fans, family, friends, colleagues, wife, and kids.

My guess is that it’s affecting his life, especially considering his golfing history this year.

So cheaters beware, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, there are always consequences for cheating. It doesn’t matter what tax bracket you’re in, cheating will bite you in the butt, if you get caught. It always does.


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