Think Your Partner Might Be Cheating? Clues To Look For Post-Valentine’s Day


Listen up, my little suspicious snoops! If you think your partner might be cheating on you, it’s time to start snooping! Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers after all and there are signs of infidelity that will most likely show up after the day of romance, making it the perfect time to collect your proof! Here are some telltale clues that your partner is cheating on you:

• Receipts for 2 identical gifts. If he bought 2 necklaces and you only got one, do the math.

• Receipts or credit card statements for flowers, candy, jewelry, lingerie, anything you didn’t get. Oh and if he purchased something from Victoria’s Secret and you didn’t receive anything from Victoria’s Secret, don’t be so naïve to think he might have bought it for a family member or friend. That’s just weird. If he’s not cheating, then you probably have a bigger problem on your hands. Just saying…

• A thank you note, email, or text message to or from your partner for a Valentine’s Day gift you are totally unaware of. Unless of course, it’s from Grandma Sue. She gets a pass.

• Guys, if your lady shows up with lingerie or jewelry or other gifts of a very personal nature that you didn’t buy for her, that’s a really bad sign.

• Restaurant receipts or charge slips dated anytime from Feb. 13th -15th for two that you weren’t a part of.

• A hidden gift you found that you thought was for you but has since disappeared.

• Credit card receipts or charges for a hotel stay dated anytime from Feb. 13th- 15th.

• Phone call logs or bills showing calls at suspicious times i.e. super early in the morning, super late at night, or during lunch on Valentine’s Day.

Reminder: Always snoop legally!


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