The Forty Greatest Reality Moments

Author: Kate Spencer, VH1 Blog
Date: 08-10-2007

Reality TV never runs out of amazing moments, and thankfully VH1 has put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Tune it to VH1 to see all the delicious drama that makes our reality TV nation truly great . The fights! The boozing! The falls! The cheating! Flavor Flav! Read the full list below and then let us know if you agree with our picks and the order in which we%u2019ve placed them!

  1. American Idol %u2013 Clay Aiken surprises admirer
  2. Cheaters %u2013 husband caught in S&M tryst
  3. Trading Spouses %u2013 God warrior wife
  4. Flavor of Love %u2013 Pumkin spits at New York
  5. Real World: Denver %u2013 Brooke goes bonkers
  6. Man Vs Wild – Bear eats live fish
  7. Armed & Famous %u2014 celebs shocked
  8. Big Brother 8 %u2013 housemate hates photo
  9. Celebrity Fit Club 5 %u2013 Dustin Diamond vs. Harvey
  10. Adventures in Hollyhood %u2013 Sugarfoot gets slap happy
  11. Dirty Jobs %u2013 poop inspector
  12. Engaged & Underage %u2013 bride-to-be gets bikini was from fiance%u2019s mom
  13. America%u2019s Next Top Model %u2013 model faints
  14. I Love NY %u2014 Chance vs. Tango
  15. Amazing Race %u2013 Charla in armor
  16. American Idol %u2013 crying girl
  17. Surreal Life 7 %u2014 Vanilla Ice meltdown
  18. Hell%u2019s Kitchen %u2013 contestant cracks-up
  19. Punk%u2019d %u2014 Zach Braff yells at kid
  20. Britain%u2019s Got Talent %u2013 opera singer
  21. Real World: Denver %u2013 drunken roommate fight
  22. Surreal Life %u2013 Verne Troyer pees
  23. American Idol %u2014 contestant dedicates sexy song to parents
  24. Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie %u2013 Jack scales El Capitan
  25. Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency %u2013 Janice fired
  26. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition %u2013 Kermit the Frog mauled by toddler
  27. Anthony Bourdain%u2019s No Reservations %u2013 Anthony eats hog anus
  28. My Obnoxious Boss %u2013 Paintballs and paperjams
  29. Supergroup %u2013 Sebastian Bach fights Evan Seinfeld
  30. Project Runway %u2014 Tim Gunn confronts Santino
  31. America%u2019s Got Talent %u2013 Shannon Osborne walks out
  32. Charm School %u2014 Brooke kicked off
  33. Celebrity Duets %u2014 Little Richard doesn%u2019t make sense
  34. America%u2019s Next Top Model %u2013 Tyra Banks tirade
  35. Dancing with the Stars %u2013 Heather Mills impresses the judges
  36. Deadliest Catch %u2014 Man overboard
  37. I Love New York %u2013 Fight night
  38. Celebrity Big Brother UK %u2013 Leo Sayer wants out of the house
  39. American Idol %u2013 Simon urges Ryan to come out of the closet
  40. Wildboys %u2013 Llama humps Steve-O

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