The Average Affair Costs $2,664

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Author: Allie

Date: 7/17/14


If you have ever considered having an affair, here is a just another BIG reason why you shouldn’t cheat on your significant other.

The average affair costs approximately $2,664.00, according to a new survey* from VoucherCloud.

On average, cheating partners spend $444.00 each month on their affair partner.  Spending was broken down into 5 categories:

  • Hotel Bills: $123.00
  • Dinner and Drinks: $162.00
  • Gifts: $54.00
  • Date Activities (for example, movie tickets): $69.00
  • Miscellaneous: $36.00

MONTHLY TOTAL = $444.00 per affair

Affairs don’t come cheap.  On average, the lifespan of an affair lasts 6 months, making the total spent on the average affair $2,664.00!

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, a look at their spending habits might tell you much more than you would think!  Affairs are not only costly but the damage done is often permanent.

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*The survey polled 2,645 people who were 25 years or older and had been married for at least five years.  Almost a quarter of the respondents stated that they had cheated on their partners.

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