The #1 Reason Why Men Cheat


Most women usually think that their man has cheated on them because they aren’t young enough, hot enough, blonde enough, the sex isn’t good, or a variety of other superficial reasons (and when I say superficial, I mean having to do with looks, etc.).

However surprisingly, the number one reason why men cheat is due to a lack of emotional appreciation.

Everyone craves appreciation for the things that they’ve done to help someone out. It’s human nature to feel resentful, angry, taken for granted, or sad when you don’t get appreciation for things you’ve done. The same holds true for your partner.

Words of appreciation and gratitude are often at times forgotten, especially when you are busy. Often times, the number one person you forget to express gratitude towards is your partner because you probably spend a majority of your time with them and literally just forget to show your appreciation for them.

Appreciation is vital for men. If they aren’t getting it from you, they’ll search for it elsewhere, i.e. another woman. Remember, single women love taken men so show some appreciation for your man regularly. A ‘thank you’ can go a long way.


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3 Responses to “The #1 Reason Why Men Cheat”

  1. Murph says:

    I’m bored and lonely. How do I make some lnoine friends? Got any good websites for me to try. Nothing porno!I grew up in a rural community where divorce was non existant. My mother was widowed twice, divorced twice, and had various affairs. We grew up on welfare in a middle class neighborhood. I resented my mother and made it a point not to follow in her footsteps. So I played down my appearance and became a loner.Now, 20 years later, I am a 37 year old housewife/nursing student with no friends. My 39 year old husband is also friendless, and the two of us have very little to talk about at the end of the day.Where do I begin to make lnoine friendships? Should I even do it? What if I make some really great men friends. Would that be problematic?

    • Sierra says:

      Unless the mayor states the exact nuembr of cheating husbands, the only time a wife can deduce her husband is the cheater is when there is ONLY 1 cheating husband. Knowing that there is at least 1 cheater, and since she’s not in the know, clearly lets her deduce that her husband must be the cheater.If more than 1 husband is cheating, and the mayor still only says at least 1 is cheating , all wives will have heard the gossip about at least 1 or more husbands and would have no way of knowing if their husband is in that cheating group. ONLY if they have the exact cheating nuembr can a wife, who only knows about all but 1 of the cheaters, be sure hers is also a cheater.The puzzle posits no interaction, or synchronization, between the wives other than to gossip about cheaters to all EXCEPT the maligned wife. So, lacking a specific nuembr of cheaters prevents any wife from deducing hers is also a cheater.Another issue .assuming wives had that exact nuembr and were able to deduce their husband belonged on that list of cheaters, why would it take more than the second day to kill off the cheaters? All wives with cheating husbands would know by the second day that their’s was also cheating and would have reported that fact to the mayor. All executions would, therefore, occur on the second day.


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