Tameka Foster Raymond Claims ‘Usher Cheated With My Bridesmaid’


Usher is currently in the middle of a nasty custody battle with his ex Tameka Foster Raymond. Usher has accused his ex-wife of spitting on his new girlfriend and the drama doesn’t stop there.

Tameka has accused Usher of sleeping with one of her bridesmaids while they were married!

While testifying on stand in their custody case, Usher was discussing the exchange that led to the angry confrontation. Then Tameka’s lawyer threw a new allegation at him.

Usher had commented that he didn’t really know the woman that had been hired as their nanny by his ex when Tameka’s lawyer fired back.

“Miss Williams actually traveled to Miami with you and baby Usher. She was a nanny for you, was she not? Miss Williams left Miami because you were discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis.”

Usher’s lawyer immediately objected to the question claiming that this was not a divorce case and the question was irrelevant.

Usher then stated, “I’ve never denied knowing [Williams].” He then expanded stating that he only meant that it was news to him that his ex had hired her as their nanny.

According to the Daily Mail, Maya was a bridesmaid for the couple at their wedding in 2007. The alleged cheating incident happened while Tameka and Usher were married.

Do you think Usher cheated? I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he did considering his star power but there are always three sides to every story… his side, her side and the truth!


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