Suspect Your Partner Of Cheating? Be Your Own Sherlock Holmes

Author: Radar Staff
Date: 12-28-11

It’s too late for Maria Shriver and Sandra Bullock, but if you suspect your partner of cheating – check this out.

The syndicated TV show (and let’s face it – guilty pleasure) Cheaters has opened an online spy goods store, Cheaters Spy Shop.

According to the people behind the super-sleuth site, it offers “everything a person needs to conduct their own private investigation from hidden cameras to GPS trackers to iPhone and Android mobile software that will give a person access to texts, pictures, web history, call logs and GPS location of the target phone.”

To learn more about Cheaters Spy Shop, visit

By the way, Cheaters entered its 12th season this past fall making it one of the longest running television programs in history.  It airs in more than 100 countries.


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