Signs of Infidelity To Look Out For After Valentine’s Day

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Do you suspect infidelity in your marriage or relationship?  If you do have suspicions that your partner is carrying on an extramarital affair, there are several signs of infidelity that you will want to look for AFTER Valentine’s Day.  Knowing what to look for is crucial in finding out the truth about your marriage or relationship.

Signs of Infidelity To Look Out For After Valentine’s Day:

  • Restaurant receipts or charge slips dated around Valentine’s Day showing meals for two but you weren’t one of the parties in attendance

  • Credit card receipts for a hotel stay dated around Valentine’s Day (Does the date and time correspond with the time your spouse was MIA on that day?)

  • Phone bills or cell phone call logs showing suspicious calls made at odd times on Valentine’s Day

  • Hidden gift that you found before Valentine’s Day that is no longer there anymore but wasn’t given to you

  • Receipts for the purchase of 2 identical gifts (for example. your husband purchased 2 bracelets and you received 1 but where is the other one?)

  • Receipts or credit card statements for candy, flowers, jewelry or lingerie that you didn’t receive from your husband

  • Sales receipts, charge slips, or credit card statements for gifts that don’t match the gift he purchased for you

  • Thank you note or email addressed to or from your spouse for a Valentine’s Day gift you have no knowledge of

  • Gifts of a personal nature, like jewelry or lingerie, that suddenly appeared after Valentine’s Day.  If you didn’t give your wife the gift, who gave it to her?

Always Gather Proof Before Confronting A Cheater

Never confront a cheater without proof.  Cheaters are liars!  They have been lying to you this entire time, why would that change now?  Cheaters are going to try to tell you every excuse/lie under the sun when you confront them with your proof.  If you have undeniable proof, there is nothing that the cheating partner can say to refute their infidelity (even though they will try!).  Cheaters will try to make you question your own proof.  Stay strong!

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XO, Allie

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