Shocking Statistics About Office Christmas Parties and Workplace Affairs


The office Christmas party can be more dangerous to your marriage or relationship than you think. When alcohol is served at these parties, these annual holiday parties can be a catalyst for workplace infidelity.

• 44% of males said that they have had an affair with a co-worker at a holiday office party at least once in a survey by Men’s Health magazine.

• 49% of employees have expressed willingness to “go all the way” with a co-worker at a holiday party if the opportunity presented itself in a survey by Trojan Condoms.

• 33% from the Trojan Condoms survey said that they have had sex with a fellow employee during or after an office Christmas party.

• 1/3 of workers have either kissed or gone home with a colleague after the holiday party in a survey conducted by Canon.

• 33% of males have said that they are interested in getting more ‘personal’ with their co-worker at the office holiday party.

• Almost 25% of female employees said that their boss has made a pass at them at holiday parties.

• In a survey conducted by, 20% of the survey takers agreed that many extramarital affairs have begun at the office Christmas party.

• 64% of office workers said they knew of affairs that had begun at the office holiday party in a survey by OfficeSMART.

• 41% of employees said they would flirt back if a colleague hit on them during a Christmas party in an online survey by

• 1 in every 4 people said they hooked up with someone at the office holiday party in a survey.

• 41% of 18-30 year old office workers admitted that they had hooked up with a fellow employee at an annual holiday party. 13% actually had sex at the party but only 6% got caught!

• 1 out of every 5 women became romantically involved with a co-worker at a holiday party according to a survey conducted by WorldWIT.

• 33% of women in the above survey admitted to having an affair after their office party fling. Only 13% were still romantically involved with their fling a year later.


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