Shania Twain Talks Infidelity with Ellen DeGeneres

Author: Sistina Giordano

Shania Twain has made the media rounds lately and her recent stop at the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” revealed some new information involving her ex-husbands cheating ways.

Fans already know that the superstar was faced with infidelity from her husband Mutt Lange. And, they also knew that he cheated on his wife with her very good friend, but as Shania Twain reveals to Ellen, there were other parts of the affair that were much more hurtful. She stated that during the Easter holiday the two families came together to share in the special day, but what she didn’t know, was that there was more to the relationship then she had expected.

Further, when Fred, who was Marie-Anne’s husband at the time, asked to speak with Shania personally and broke the news about the affair, the singer admitted she initially thought it was a farce before finally uncovering the devastating truth.

Though Shania Twain admitted that she doesn’t get into great detail about the affair she does state that her story reveals what she went through.

Probably the most devastating blow was when Shania explained to Ellen that she gave Marie-Anne an opportunity to reveal the secret before she acknowledged knowing about the affair. But, despite her probing questions, her secretary and dear friend said there was nothing she was hiding.

Eventually her world began to spiral and she’s been on a discovering journey ever since. But, in an unexpected way, something good came out of all the bad. She found love again, ironically through Marie-Anne’s husband Fred. Twain admits that the two had only known each other on a professional level before the affair but after spending time with Fred she discovered a life partner in him.

Now the country singer is ready to be back in the spotlight after a lot of time away. She admits that there are still dark days but that she is moving on with life and looking at things in a whole new light.


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