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Are You More Than Just Friends? Is It An Emotional Affair?

Platonic friendships and workplace relationships often turn into more than just an innocent friendship; it can very easily turn into an emotional affair. It can be very easy for parties to cross boundaries of emotional intimacy, sharing intimate details that should be exclusively reserved for a conversation with their husband or wife. When these emotional […]

How Deep Is Your Love?

Do you still have that spark in your relationship? For most couples, passion and romance comes and goes while a more calm and contented love takes over as the years pass. This passionate love scale was developed by Elaine Hatfield, psychology profession at the University of Hawaii and Susan Sprecher, psychology and sociology professor at […]

Do You Have a Generous Relationship?

How generous are you in your relationship? These four questions are from researchers from the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project that are used to measure generosity. High levels of generosity are predictive of a stronger relationship. Take this quiz to see how generous you are in your relationship!

Are You Two Meant to be Together?

You recently met someone really special — someone who makes your heart race and your knees weak. On the surface, they seem to have everything you’re looking for. How do you really know if he or she is the one? Take this quiz and find out!