Online Store Offers Help Uncovering Cheaters

Author: Walter Morris, Fox 5 San Diego
Date: 11-16-2011

Catching cheaters spawned a wildly successful reality TV series and now it’s a little easier to keep an eye on those suspected of being an unfaithful partner.

“Cheaters” is a syndicated reality series based in Dallas and is going into its 12th season. Catching a cheater in real life may not be as glamorous and easy as the show depicts, according to a San Diego private investigator.

“I conduct a lot of surveillance – infidelity, domestic type work,” said Pacific Beach private investigator Nick Hepworth. “We get a dozen to 15 inquires a month.”

Hepworth said thanks to a poor economy and more temptation, business at his firm Bradley Investigative Services is booming.

A private investigation can cost close to $100 an hour and up to keep tabs on that special someone.

It’s getting easier for any curious spouse to become an armature investigator now that the people behind “Cheaters” launched an online spy shop.

“Anyone who has gone through something like that, obviously knows how miserable it can make you feel,” said Allen Walton, president of “Cheaters” spy shop. “With the products we offer on our site people can order the products, set it up and find out for themselves – what’s really going on.”

The site offers legal U.S. products including hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and even night vision goggles. After a few weeks, the site has hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Hepworth said be careful – if you don’t use these products right you could break the law.

“If you’re going to follow someone around that could be considered harassment or stalking,” he said. “You are perfectly within your rights to set up hidden cameras within your own home to document the activities of whoever you have caring for your child or to set up a hidden camera in your home for whatever reason you want. You just can’t do it on someone else’s property, vehicle, or something of that nature.”

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