Of Love and Infidelity

Author: DeAnna Lorraine, Blogtalkradio
Date: 07-03-2009

Join us today as we welcome special guest Mr. Joey Greco, host of the nationally syndicated reality TV show “Cheaters”. As the host of Cheaters© since 2002, Joey Greco helps Cheaters© clients cope with infidelity in their relationships. Greco’s stern but soothing on-camera style has helped numerous individuals deal with heartbreak from unfaithfulness and find closure from meaningless or abusive relationships. His unique insight can help you avoid the pitfalls of dating and relationships and open up endless a whole new world of dating and serious relationship possibilities. Tune in and listen, or better yet, I always encourage you to CALL in. Tell us your stories, your opinion on cheating, or ask either of us a question about anything we’ve been talking about, or anything dating, love, sex, romance related at all a la Loveline. Hold back nothing, we love to hear you stir up the pot! This is the “Confessional,” what happens there stays there 😉

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