My Girlfriend Has Stopped Saying She Loves Me, Is She Cheating?

Dear Allie,

I just moved to a new city not too long ago and my girlfriend says that she is staying with two couples or either she’s at her brother’s house. However, every time I tell her “I love you very very much” or I say, “I miss you very very much,” she just says “ok” or “me too.” She is always at either her friend’s or brother’s house when we talk on the phone and I believe she is not saying it out loud because she is with another man. She says she not seeing anyone besides me but it does not make any sense why she does tell me that she loves me or misses me. So what do you think is really going on behind those closed doors when she says that she is at her brother’s or friend’s house?


Well, there are 2 possibilities that would explain her behavior.

1. She’s just really not that into you.
2. She is cheating on you.

Your girlfriend may be too afraid to end the relationship or you might be right and there is another man in the picture. Either way, it doesn’t sound like she really wants to be in the relationship. A girl that loves you will tell you that she loves you.

I’m sorry to say this but I think it’s time for you to end the relationship. Find yourself a woman who truly loves you.


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