Kris Humphries Caught With 2 Blondes Before Kim Kardashian Divorce


New pictures have been released online that show Kris Humphries and 2 blondes in the couple’s marital suite less than a month before Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.

One of the girls, named Shell Merci according to her Twitter page, posted numerous photos of her and her friend snooping around the presidential suite that Kardashian and Humphries shared at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue in New York City.

The party at the couple’s suite supposedly happened on September 22nd, less than a month before Kim filed for divorce. The girls are pictured on the couple’s bed with KK branded towels and Kris is clearly in the background of the pictures. They also explored the reality star’s closet and are even seen in the couple’s bathtub. In addition, the two girls posted 2 short videos of them in the presidential suite.

After the incident, Kim and Kris were not seen together for 3 days until September 25th when they were spotted grabbing a bite to eat.

Is this a setup by the E! reality cameras? Or is Kris guilty of foul play? Not going to lie, the photos look pretty incriminating! Check them out below!


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