Joey Greco Biography


Joey Greco is a New York City native. While Joey was a young student, he filled himself with the many cultures of Manhattan Island, visiting the great number of museums to study the art and history of the world. Joey was always intrigued with the way people interacted with each other in crowded New York City, which caused his interest in studying psychology.

After high school, Joey studied at Evangel University, where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Joey furthered his studies with a Master of Education and Counseling from Louisiana Tech University. Joey played golf and basketball in college. There he began his journey of assistance by helping his teammates with their relationship and marital issues by using his educational and clinical training.

Joey began acting classes to refine his communication skills, but he soon found his opportunities went beyond his expectations, and began his career in television and film. Joey found Bobby Goldstein Productions the perfect place to fuse acting and psychology together, earning the host role of the CHEATERS series, while at the same time helping others cope with their troubled relationships.

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