Jennifer Hudson Shocked by Accused Murderer’s Cheating Revelations During Trial


American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson was shocked at the revelation that William Balfour, who has been accused of murdering Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew, had been cheating on her sister with multiple women!

Balfour allegedly committed these murders in a jealous rage because he thought Julia Hudson was cheating on him.

Witness Diana Grant detailed the affair with Balfour and Ms. Hudson was visibly upset and exchanged heated words with her family according to sources.

The woman explained that Balfour had slept in her apartment the night before the murders occurred. Balfour left suddenly at 6 AM, which is about three hours before the shootings occurred.

She attempted to contact Balfour throughout the day but he did not respond until 4 PM with a promise to call her back. He never called her back and instead ended up being arrested at another mistress’ house. Grant was completely unaware of the other mistress.

What a tragic situation. To think, this awful man allegedly murdered Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew in an infidelity-fueled rage when he was cheating on her with multiple women to begin with!

Our thoughts go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family.


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