Is There Such a Thing As “Good” Cheating and “Bad” Cheating? Isn’t It All Cheating?


Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin, who is engaged to rapper Jim Jones, has recently made headlines after saying some controversial things on the reality TV show. While talking to her girl, Emily B. (who is dating the rapper Fabulous), they get into a discussion about infidelity.

Chrissy’s thoughts are: “Unfortunately, this rap world is crazy. Girls will give you their body before they give up their name. A man is gonna do what he’s gonna do, but he needs to be smart enough and loyal enough for you to never see it or feel it. I’m not accepting and I’m not blind. I’m just realistic. I know that things happen. But you better not ever let me find out. Ever, ever, ever, ever.”

Realistic? Maybe… In the sense that rappers do have girls throwing themselves at them. But to think that it’s okay as long as he makes sure the secret(s) never get out, seems to be a bad message. It’s one thing to have an open relationship that you are both aware of but for a man to be “loyal enough for you never see it or feel it” seems to be a little contradictory considering you aren’t “accepting” of it.

What do you think? Is there really such a thing as “bad” cheating and “good” cheating? Cheating is cheating is cheating, right?


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