Is Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys?

Author: Perez Hilton

Say it ain’t so!

Even though husband and wife Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys looked like a “happily married couple” at Fashion Week this past weekend, it seems that there’s trouble in paradise.

According to an insider, Swizz has been exchanging some salacious texts, including seksi photos, with a young lady named Christina Elizabeth. In the texts, Swizz tells her that he’s going to fly her out when he travels to other cities for his gigs and that he wants to “f**k the sh*t out of her asap.”

The two reportedly met back in 2007 at a birthday part for Solange and Swizz has been in contact with the 23-year-old ever since.

What a scumbag! And what makes this even sadder is that Swizz and Alicia have a young child together.

We were hoping you’d be good be good to our gurl, Swizz. So, so disappointing.


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