Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart?


Paparazzi caught the Breaking Dawn star leaving the Los Angeles bar, La Poubelle (French for “dirty cheater”) Saturday night with a mystery woman, later identified as actress Sarah Roemer of the 2007 film Disturbia.

According to reports, Pattinson was partying with a group of friends over the weekend with girlfriend Kristen Stewart nowhere in sight (she is currently filming Snow White in the UK). According to photographic evidence, the two were seen canoodling while at the bar.

Pattinson and Roemer were seen getting into the same car after leaving the bar.

How ironic that they were at a bar named the “dirty cheater” in French…

Is Pattinson getting close to another woman while his main lady K-Stew is out of the country for work or is this just a platonic friendship? I guess only time will tell!


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