Is My Boyfriend Texting Another Girl?

Dear Allie,

So I have been dating the same guy for 7 years no and we have had our rough times. By reading some of these signs of a cheating person, I can’t say that he fits the description. He still does everything the same. He always tells me how beautiful I am and is very affectionate. I am able to get in touch with him pretty easily when we aren’t together.

However, about 2 months ago something happened that piqued my curiosity. He had 7 texts back and forth to a number I did not recognize so I took it upon myself to investigate and called the number. A female answered but yet he had it under a guy’s name. About 2 days later when I approached him about it, the number was already gone out of his phone. The number belonged to one of the girls he works with. His story was that he had put the wrong number under another person’s name and didn’t realize it until he called and asked for the wrong person.

Could this story be legit or am I just fooling myself? We have phones under the same account and I have not seen any calls or texts from this number since that one day. Please give me some advice!


The texting only happened once and in reality, it sounds like the only thing he’s done wrong was text the wrong number a few times. It definitely sounds like his story could be legitimate. The question that comes to my mind is: why are you so worried about a few texts back and forth to someone if it only happened once and hasn’t happened again since?

You two have phones on the same account so he knows that you can check his phone and text records. Certainly, he wouldn’t do anything too dumb right in front of your eyes. So that makes me wonder if he’s done something in the past? I feel like there is more to this story than you are telling me. Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems strange for you to be insecure about the relationship and your boyfriend’s fidelity when his behavior hasn’t changed. You say that he’s still as affectionate as ever, is always accessible to you, and hasn’t changed anything about his behavior so what makes you question his faithfulness?

To answer your question, I think you’re just fooling yourself. It’s been seven years and maybe you’re looking for further commitment that he isn’t willing to give you at this time and that is making you question your relationship (maybe I’m wrong). There are a million reasons why you could be feeling this way. My advice for you is if this phone number (or any other suspicious number) starts appearing on your phone bill in large frequencies, be concerned but otherwise, appreciate your boyfriend and enjoy your time with him because he sounds like a good man.


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