Is Jennifer Lopez Cheating on Her Younger Boyfriend With Ex-Husband Marc Anthony?


Jennifer Lopez has allegedly been dating one of her backup dancers, Casper Smart. The two have been spotted kissing according to some reports.

However according to US Weekly, two weeks ago, Jennifer and her ex-husband Marc Anthony met up in Puerto Rico to film Q’Viva! The Chosen, a talent competition series the two are producing together. A source is claiming, “Marc never stayed in his hotel room.” Friends are predicting that the couple will soon reunite because of their two young children Emme and Max.

“It’s inevitable. Marc has this hold over her,” claims a source.

However, others are predicting that the two are done for good. A source says, “They may sleep together, but they’re over.”

Truthfully, I’m sure it’s a possibility that J. Lo is just dating around and happened to rekindle a little somethin’ somethin’ with Marc while in Puerto Rico. He is the father of her children after all. Surely, there’s something still there between the two.

However, Jennifer, if it’s true what you’ve said about him being too controlling, I hope you stand up on your own 2 feet and don’t go running back to him!

What do you think? Is Jennifer Lopez really dating her backup dancer? Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony inevitably going to reunite?


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