How Can I Save My Relationship?

Dear Allie,

I’m currently in a relationship with a guy and everything went well in the past few months until all of the sudden he decided that he didn’t want me living in his house anymore and was making some excuse that he wanted his own space. We currently have a 10 week old puppy that we share but it’s difficult for him because with the living situation I’m dealing with, they won’t allow pets and it sucks not being able to see my dog.

I’m having a big feeling that he might be cheating but I can’t convince him because I have no proof. He doesn’t answer my calls frequently when it comes to certain things. He always says he is at work but I think he might be lying to be about that and every time I ask if I can move back in with him, he keeps avoiding the question or doesn’t text me back about it. I have a feeling that he may be sneaking girls in his house behind my back and I just need answers from him. How can I save my relationship by communicating with him without arguing or him not responding back to me? Please help.


Unfortunately, it sounds like your boyfriend is trying to tell you that he’s moved on from this relationship. He’s already asked you to move out and is avoiding you. I know this is difficult to hear but don’t let this bring you down. Be strong! You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. You deserve to be with someone that will treat you right and appreciates you.


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  1. veronica says:

    Dear Allie,

    Is it true, once a cheater always a cheater? I was cheated on almost a year ago by my boyfriend. Well now he had to go back to the town for work that it happened in. So I installed some software on his phone to reasure myself. Well Im not sure how accurate these gps things are but its showing him not where he says he is.. So he finds out I was tracking him and immediately starts getting mad and says he is going to take it off the phone. I think if he had nothing to hide he wouldnt care and he would be like so watch where i go; something i probably would say. but no he takes it off the phone. I still have access to his phone no calls texts or anything from anyone other than me.. This is why i am so confused is this cheater always going to be a cheater?

  2. Alex says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for about two and a half years, about 8 months ago I was logging onto the computer that we share and he forgot to log out of his email, what I saw upset me, messages and pictures from women on craigslist, they seemed to be girls asking for money and messages of him offering it to him, I left the house I was so upset, I got tested the next day and luckily nothing came up he called and asked whats wrong so I told him, he tells me there is nothing wrong with him looking, I tell him that it seems to be more than looking to me. We talked about it out and everything seemed to go back to normal, until just yesterday his phone kept going off I picked it up and what I read was also upsetting, “I love you, and want to see you soon” is what I saw. When I tell him about this he denies it saying why am I going through his things, like when I found personal lube in his truck, I just moved in with him 6 months ago, and I am feeling like a complete idiot for staying with him because every time it is brought up he gets angry and says he cant trust me because I go through his things. Another thing is our sex life is basically zero, I care about him but on the other hand I refuse to let him continue to make a fool out of me, Ive left and everything I do he makes a big production of it, please don’t leave, I love you your over reacting,… Im tired of feeling like this and I want to know should I even bother wasting anymore of my time and life on him

  3. jade says:

    Hi allie jade speaking here I kinda wanted to know why do me and my girlfriend always have a arguement cause when ever I speak to her or call her then she upset herself for me and she kinda different I don’t know what to do anymore it feels like she wanna get rid of me. Please help me allie.thanks


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