Has My Husband Cheated On Me?

Dear Allie,

I think my husband has cheated on me. He never wants to have sex with me anymore and would rather watch porn. I have found girls’ numbers in his phone. When I ask him about it, he says he has never been with anyone else and that I’m just being paranoid. I also found out that he had made a profile on the website Fling. He told me he did that to see if I was on there. I don’t know what to do, please help!


Did your husband have a detailed profile on Fling? I ask this because there was this one time I signed up on Fling to see if my partner was on the website but you really do not have to give much information to be able to browse through the website. However, I immediately cancelled my account after I was finished browsing. If his profile is filled with details, then he is definitely being shady. If not, he might be telling the truth.

As far as the girls’ numbers in his phone goes, it could mean something but it could very well mean nothing. We all have guys’ and girls’ phone numbers in our phone, right? If you two are on the same cell phone plan, see if he is texting or calling any of these girls frequently. If he is, that could be a very big cause for concern.

Something that really jumps out at me is that the two of you don’t have sex anymore. Not having sex can be a relationship killer. Having sex together solidifies your love in an intimate way. Sex with your husband is something that the two of you should cherish and enjoy.

I find that a lot of women are in your shoes. I suggest that you take the initiative and spice things up in the bedroom, maybe even join your husband in watching sexy videos. Many times women are waiting for the man to take the reins but men want women to take charge in the bedroom as well; it goes both ways. If your husband still says no to your initiatives, I would certainly keep your eyes and ears open for more clues that he might be cheating on you or has cheated on you in the past.

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