February 13 is the Perfect Day to Catch a Cheating Spouse, Says CHEATERS®

Up to 60% of adults engage in infidelity at some point during their relationship. The reality TV show claims that the time before Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to catch a cheater, and its new online spy shop can help.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

While Valentine’s Day is regarded as the most romantic day of the year, it also presents the perfect opportunity to catch a cheating partner or spouse, according to the producers of the hit television show CHEATERS®.

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans find out the truth – that they aren’t the only person with whom their sweetheart is spending Valentine’s Day . New technology now allows anyone to put on their detective hats and take matters into their own hands, as the creator of CHEATERS® has created the perfect outlet for those needing to investigate.

Cheaters Spy Shop is an online store that offers everything needed to catch a spouse in the act. Products range from motion-activated hidden cameras all the way to real-time GPS trackers that let users log in from a smartphone to see another’s current location. There’s even software available that can be used to recover deleted text messages from iPhone and Android phones.

“Discovering that you’re not exclusive in a relationship is never easy. However, with a little investigative work anyone can uncover the truth for themselves and catch their partner red-handed,” said television show host Joey Greco.

“A GPS tracker can easily be slipped under a car or into a briefcase, and and then be located from an iPhone. Hidden cameras and semen detection kits are also very popular to find out if someone’s been unfaithful.”

Americans only have to turn on the television to see how even the most respected public figures can’t run from the infidelity statistics. Kobe Bryant, Ashton Kutcher and Newt Gingrich have dominated the news media recently with stories about their alleged extra-marital affairs. Most studies show that upwards of 60% of relationships are marked by some sort of infidelity. The statistic is more than likely to be an underestimate, with actual results being much higher; having an affair is not something most people will readily admit.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many cheaters will become active with their illicit lover – presenting the perfect opportunity for their secrets to be exposed. The majority of these cheaters will have these activities before the big day itself, with February 13th being the most popular day to celebrate the affair.

“If there is ever a perfect time to catch a cheating partner or spouse, it’s now. You might not be the only person spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, and it’s easier than ever to find out for sure,” Greco stated.

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Cheaters Spy Shop is the premier online destination for spy and security solutions. The company offers products such as hidden cameras, GPS trackers, audio recorders, counter-surveillance, and personal protection. Cheaters Spy Shop is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been featured on numerous radio and television shows, in addition to websites like The Huffington Post and Radar Online.

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The ‘Cheaters’ reality television show has been on the air since 2000, and is syndicated in over 100 different countries. The show is produced by Bobby Goldstein Productions and began airing its twelfth season in the fall of 2011.


2 Responses to “February 13 is the Perfect Day to Catch a Cheating Spouse, Says CHEATERS®”

  1. Gitanjali says:

    It can absolutely work if you are citomtmed to making it. My wife admitted to an affair 2 years ago (we had been married 7) and, like you, I was devastated. I feel like we are much stronger today than we were prior to the admission of the affair. For me to get past the infidelity, many things had to happen.* She had to show remorse. Saying sorry doesn’t cut it. Her actions had to show that she was citomtmed to changing her heart.* I had to forgive but not forget. It happened but constantly bringing it up serves no purpose. However, if I even suspect her of doing it again, she is well aware of how fast she will be out the door.* She had to agree to temporarily tolerate my suspecting nature. I needed to know where she was, with whom, and what she was doing. If she wasn’t willing, I would have left her.* I had to realize that, while she screwed someone else, neither of us were virgins when we got married. Yes, she did the unthinkable to our marriage but, ultimately, did it really matter? She got tested for STDs and we moved on.While these are just a few things actions we went through, I cannot stress enough that either you both have to decide to make it work for the right reasons (and it is a huge amount of work) or go ahead and throw in the towel. If one of you is not citomtmed to change (him changing his heart and you changing your view of him), the marriage will fail.Just my $.02. I can give you more detail if you would like.~ R

  2. LindaKirby says:

    I too caught my 30 yrs significant other the day before Valentine’s day with a hidden cell phone with just his x-lover from high schools phone number on it…the only phone number on that phone. When I confronted him he claimed it was innocent. Needless to say I didn’t believe him. I went online and purchased a spying software that reads deleted messages from a sim card which he had at that time. I got my hands on the phone weeks later and took the sim card out, using my computer I downloaded text messages between the two of them, which he had deleted. The messages were nothing but sex talks and what they did to each other, Oh besides what a horrible person I am. When I confronted him with ( over 700 ) txt messages in 30 days and the content on them, he got very angry and told me it was all INNOCENT.
    I told him either way the intentions were there and if he had not been caught they would have gone much further. Needless to say the dinner we had planned for ( MY most Favorite Holiday ) Valentine’s day was ruined. I will never enjoy it again. I have tried to ask the same of him, patience with me needing to know his whereabouts and with whom. He is fine with it for a bit, but then it goes back to the same “he will do what he want’s when he wants with whomever he wants and it is none of my business”. I have been un-able to catch phone calls between them since he got smart, I have called his other number that is suppose to be off, yet I get a recording ” this number is not receiving calls at this time”. This went on for two years at the same rate of phone calls each month. For me to believe that it stopped , JUST LIKE THAT…..with the attitude he has…..I don’t believe it for a second? What do you think?


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