Did Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong Have a Lesbian Affair With Another Real Housewives Star?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong has been very outspoken about the abuse she endured while married to the late Russell Armstrong but a new report from InTouch claims that Taylor had a love affair with The Real Housewives of Orange County star Fernanda Rocha!

However, the source claims that when Taylor realized the fling was bad for her image, she tossed Fernanda aside like trash! Now, Fernanda has something to say about their short love affair:

“Be responsible for your actions,” she says. “And don’t dismiss the other human being that you are connecting with. When people started asking, it was like ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that…’ That is hurtful. I couldn’t really b open about how I felt because I was protecting her.”

“A lot of straight girls want to have an experience with another woman,” Fernanda says. “But they don’t take into consideration that we’re human!”

Taylor’s rep tells HollywoodLife.com that the claims are “untrue.”

I am an avid watcher of both shows so I can certainly see this being true. Taylor has clearly been in a bad place for a while as documented by Bravo’s cameras. It certainly seems plausible that Taylor turned to Fernanda for comfort and friendship and then that turned into romance. But be careful of toying with people’s emotions! It probably will backfire on you! What do you think happened?


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