Defining Infidelity


All marriages will face problems; it’s inevitable. But there are few marital problems that cause as much pain and heartache as infidelity. Infidelity challenges the foundation of marriage itself.

Defining Infidelity

Infidelity has a different definition for many people. What’s considered infidelity varies from couple to couple and even two partners within the same relationship won’t have the same definition. For example, if your partner finds someone else attractive but doesn’t do anything about it, is that considered infidelity? Is an emotional connection considered infidelity if nothing physical happens? Is an online relationship considered infidelity?

There are many factors that can lead to infidelity. Low self-esteem or discontent with the relationship are a few. A person who cheats will:

– Experience a strong sexual attraction to someone other than his or her partner.
– Keep the relationship a secret, forcing them to lie.
– Feel a stronger emotional connection with the person they are having an affair with than his or her partner.

Stay tuned. I will be writing about how to heal after an affair and mend your relationship in the upcoming days.


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