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Clark James Gable (born September 20, 1988) is an American actor and model. Gable was born in Malibu, California, the son of John Clark Gable and Tracy Yarro. His legendary grandfather is the late great iconic leading man of Tinseltown, Clark Gable, The King of Hollywood. He is the second of four siblings, with sister Kayley Gable and brothers Jason J. Scheff and Connor Scheff, who are the sons of Gables stepdad musician Jason Scheff from the band Chicago. He grew up in Malibu, Tarzana and Agoura California, and currently splits his time between Dallas and Malibu.

He has modeled for many designers including Prada, Chrome Hearts, Disney and most recently, the Converse campaign for Jack Purcell shoes. Gable started modeling at the age of 5 and is still modeling as part of his career today. Gable studied at the New York Film Academy and just completed his first film in Italy and music videos for Madison Cain and Lucy Schwartz.

Gable spends his free time surfing, fishing, snowboarding and RC aerial photography. He also races dirt bikes competitively. Gable has a passion for flying as he is currently working towards his private pilot’s license. Alongside modeling and acting on camera, Gable has a huge interest in behind the scenes action working in production and likes to do his own stunts and action work on film.

When not in front of the camera, Gable volunteers his time in LA working with different charities helping the needs of families, couples and individuals involved in crisis situations.

Personal Information:

Height: 6’2″

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

clark gable cheatersclark gable cheaters


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