CHEATERS Top Ten Signs of Cheating #8

#8 – Guards Cell Phone with His/Her Life

Your partner never leaves his/her cell phone in the same room with you. Let me guess, you’ve tried to snoop through their phone but you can’t even do that because your partner literally takes his/her phone with them wherever they go. They have their cell phone on them when they go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen to get a snack, and even when they shower.

Only people who have something to hide will guard their cell phone with their life. If your partner fits this description, it’s definitely a possibility that they are cheating on you. I mean your partner doesn’t really need their cell phone when they shower, right? Unless they are waiting for a call back about a job interview or someone close to them is in the hospital, there is no need to have your cell phone on you 24-7. If they have a passcode on their cell phone, the possibility of them cheating is even greater. Clearly, there is something on their phone that they don’t want you to see.

If you feel it in your gut that your partner is cheating, you’re probably right. Our gut instinct is right almost all of the time. The reason you have that feeling the in the pit of your stomach is because your partner is doing shady things that make you think twice about what really is going on. Don’t ignore that feeling because it usually indicates that something is wrong in the relationship. If your partner is giving you reasons to question what they are doing behind your back, express this to them. If your partner doesn’t want to listen, you might want to re-evaluate your relationship.


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